TUBU - Multy Color Skins Head 65g

TUBU - Multy Color Skins Head 65g

Quick Overview

This short, soft cylindrical head, approximately 5cm in length, is the go to head for training, as it’s easy to handle and gentle on hands.

  • Perfect for using as a weight for a poi.
  • Great as a weighted base for our Fairy Tails.
  • Comes with a selection of skins to customise colour schemes.
  • Made of a special type of neoprene for softness and durability.

Tips from Speevers

  • Use the TUBU head whenever you need to add some extra weight addition
  • Add poi handles and get a simple yet perfect training poi. Add Fairy Tails to it and you have an amazing festival poi
  • Chain multiple TUBU heads together at the end of a Staff, customizing them with different colors
Product Code: CNPBH65

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