Stardass Head - Multi Purpose, Soft, Bright & Light Weight

Stardass Head - Multi Purpose, Soft, Bright & Light Weight

Quick Overview

This spectacular LED head features both an array of colourful, powerful lights.

Stardass head has the perfect weight to form various LED tools such as Poi, Club and Flower stick.

  • Super bright, with a sharp light projection into other objects connected to it.
  • Motion sensor activated, Slightly hit the Stardass head to change light programs.
  • Built to last with a strong Polycarbonate shell and topped with softening layers.
  • Magnificent array of strobe light programs, which can be modified upon special order requests.
  • USB rechargeable
  • Soft and protecting  sheathed in silicon and EVA foam sandwich.

Tips from Speevers

  • Place inside one of our sock pois with the light pointing upwards
  • Use Ultra tube 35cm to create an LED club, with full body glowing
  • Chain 2,3… or why not 4 Stardass heads together using the Head-Head cord and become the life of the party
  • Attach multiple Stardass heads using the Head-Head connector at the end of a Staff
Product Code: CPNSTRDS

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