Modular Juggling Heads

Head items are designed mainly for juggling tools ends or weights.

But here's the cool feature: Click'n'Play heads can be linked on both sides and thus can be chained between one another.

From the lowest budget training heads to the most exclusive stage show juggling heads - you can find them all here. From training to light shows and fire dance - these heads can match all your needs.

Click'n'Play heads are topped with protection layers and safe for all ages.

Designed to bear high amounts of shocks.

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Jupiter - Smartest LED Juggling Ball + free APP, 2 Programmable Brains, up to 99 Programs each. Full spectrum. Turns into Poi, Staff, Club, Flower Stick.

From: $49.00

To: $64.24

Our bright, brilliant LED juggling ball is a light show all by itself, and it throws its coloured beams through anything you connect it to, from tubes to optic fibres. Click here to download Learn More...

TUBU - Soft Juggling Head with Detachable Multi Color Skins

From: $9.00

To: $14.50

TUBU is the perfect choice whenever you are looking for a simple, yet awesome looking ending for various juggling tools. Multi-color detachable skins - Choose one or more skins from our collection Learn More...

MODU CLUB Body - for club, staff and poi

From: $19.90

To: $59.90

Soft EVA protection layers Replaceable skins to create any design Robust PC core - This club is ready for combat. Always looks as new - Just pill off the skins and wash them. Add MODU CLUB Learn More...


It’s our biggest, boldest LED light juggling head, studded with strong, multi-colour programmable lights, with an endless sequence of patterns available to download online. Made from Learn More...

Stardass Head - Multi Purpose, Soft, Bright & Light Weight

This spectacular LED head features both an array of colourful, powerful lights. Stardass head has the perfect weight to form various LED tools such as Poi, Club and Flower stick. Super bright, Learn More...

Flower Head - Multiple colors & weights

Used as a poi weight, Staff weight, Flower stick and so on. Flower heads can be connected on both ends, thus create a multiple head poi, add weight to a Staff or any other idea you have in mind... Learn More...

Fire Head 70mm

To blow an audience away, nothing beats our cylindrical Fire! Head which allows you to mix fire and light using the Click'n'Play system and one of our LED heads – sure to delight all ages, and Learn More...

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