• A cool prop for kids as well as adults. Great for parties, stage shows and even as a home decoration. By playing with its stick, Jollyfish swims and magically flows in the air as if it was a Jellyfish swimming in the water.
  • Use the short stick and place it between your finger to dance the Jollyfish with your palm
  • Optionally place multiple Jollyfish on the same stick to form one mighty colorful Jollyfish or to create a pack of Jollyfish swimming together synchronously
  • To keep the jolyfish safe after playing simply grab its long "legs"and spin the stick. When opening for playing, grab and spin the stick to the other direction. If playing in a windy air, it is recomended to pull towards the wind. If the legs get scrumbled, gently slide your hands and let them open.

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Weight 0.0620
Brand Speevers
Price $4.80

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blue top blue nylon
Jollyfish-blue top & blue nylon
pink top pink nylon
Jollyfish-pink top & pink nylon
purple top purple nylon
Jollyfish-purple top & purple nylon
yellow top yellow nylon
Jollyfish-yellow top & yellow nylon
yellow top red nylon
Jollyfish-yellow top & red nylon
yellow top purple nylon
Jollyfish-yellow top & purple nylon
yellow top pink nylon
Jollyfish-yellow top & pink nylon
yellow top green nylon
Jollyfish-yellow top & green nylon
yellow top blue nylon
Jollyfish-yellow top & blue nylon
red top yellow nylon
Jollyfish-red top & yellow nylon
red top pink nylon
Jollyfish-red top & pink nylon
red top green nylon
Jollyfish-red top & green nylon
red top blue nylon
Jollyfish-red top & blue nylon
purple top yellow nylon
Jollyfish-purple top & yellow nylon
purple top pink nylon
Jollyfish-purple top & pink nylon
purple top blue nylon
Jollyfish-purple top & blue nylon
pink top yellow nylon
Jollyfish-pink top & yellow nylon
pink top red nylon
Jollyfish-pink top & red nylon
pink top green nylon
Jollyfish-pink top & green nylon
pink top blue nylon
Jollyfish-pink top & blue nylon
green top yellow nylon
Jollyfish-green top & yellow nylon
green top purple nylon
Jollyfish-green top & purple nylon
green top pink nylon
Jollyfish-green top & pink nylon
green top blue nylon
Jollyfish-green top & blue nylon
blue top yellow nylon
Jollyfish-blue top & yellow nylon
blue top purple nylon
Jollyfish-blue top & purple nylon
blue top pink nylon
Jollyfish-blue top & pink nylon

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