Jupiter - Smart LED ball


Our bright, brilliant LED juggling ball is a light show all by itself, and it throws its coloured beams through anything you connect it to, from tubes to optic fibres.

  • Programmable, with a vast range of design options and settings
  • 2 separate and independent brains, each side can have a different set of programs - up to 99, with almost unlimited size
  • Super bright, with multi brightness levels
  • Robust and Durable
  • Excellent silicone grip
  • Modular - comes with 2 removable button plugs
  • 4 switches, with smart intuitive operation
  • External sharp light projection
  • Fast USB recharge

Tips from Speevers

  • Use the Ultra Tube with Jupiter to form full body enlighten Staff or Club
  • Place inside the Ultra Sock to form a great full body enlighten sock poi

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Brand Speevers
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Opeation manual

  • Press the North button to switch on
  • Long press North button to increase the brightness level
  • Long press South button to dim down, until finally shut down
  • Short press each side to move to next program
  • When another object is connected – short pull to move to the previuos program


Programming guide

  • Connect the Jupiter to your computer. You should it as a drive with "speevers.xml" file inside. Multiple versions can be saved, but the active file has to match this name.
  • Editing can be done with any simple text editor such as "Notepad++" or others.
  • A sample data file can be also downloaded here
  • Every section of the file is fixed sized. Numbers and names should be padded to keep the size (just follow the existing size patterns). Avoid feeding extra blanks. Using the INSERT key is recommended.
  • The file follows XML conventions, thus all the information is fed into nested blocks. However you don't need to be familiar with XML, just follow the existing structure. When adding/deleting programs, make sure to add/delete the entire program block.
  • To avoid errors it is recommended to make a few steps at a time, download them to Jupiter and see how they work. In case of error, Jupiter will show a red blinking light.
  • <SETTINGS> tag contains some general information and settings:
    • program_looping: determines weather the programs will loop after reaching the end of the list. 0-no, 1-yes
    • programs_north, programs_south: specifying the number of programs to each of the sides. This has to match with the actual number of programs you fed. However the number of programs for North and South can be different.
    • start_fst: determines weather Jupiter will play the first program when turned on or the last program that it was shut down at.
    • switch_time: sets the time (milliseconds) between the changes of brightness levels. Longer time will make it easier to control the brightness.
  • The next 2 parts are the lists of programs for North and for South. Each list header contains:
    • serialN (or serialS for the South programs): the serial number of the program (01-99). the numbers have to match the exact order as in the file.
    • name: A name to identify the program. Programs that you'd like to share, will be uploaded to the website and will be displayed with the given name.
    • elements: The number of light+time elements in the program. This has to match the actual number of lines you fed to the program.
    • speed: This parameter affects all the timings of the program. Use it to make fine tuning for your program timings or to quickly change the timings without altering each row. When set to 100% - the program will play with the given times. If set to 50%, the program will play 2 times faster than the given times. If set to 300%, the program will play 3 times slower, etc.
  • <PROG_DATA> tag contains the data of a single program. It is made of a series of elements (lines). Each element contains 2 values - color & time, separated with "@". The program will play repeating until switched to next program.
    • Color: hexadecimal RGB color code. Use any color picker to select a color and copy its code.
    • Time: the time (in milliseconds) it will take the given color to gradually fade into the next element's color. To eliminate the fading effect (i.e. to make a sharp color change) - duplicate this element and change the next timing to 0.
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