All of these juggling tools are based on Click and Play parts and can be modified within seconds.

This revolutionary juggling system is every juggler dream.
Create your own custom LED, training or fire tools. Juggling balls, Poi, Staff, Club, Swing, Nunchaku, all of these tools and many others can be quickly assembled and changed even during the show.

Click'n'Play can be purchased as kits, parts or pre-assembled juggling tools

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SuperSoky 2 - Glowable poi - set - with individual color choice - SAVE 12%

From: $30.89

To: $162.47

The best choice of glowing sock poi, comes with all the accessories you'll need to go-pro. The set does not include the light inserts Non-stretching - Unlike other Glow sock poi. As Learn More...

Click'n'Play Stardass. Including a free case

10 years after presented for the first time at EJC Athens 2007, Stardass , Our popular optic fiber poi is back in a revolutionary version. This spectacular poi features both an array of colourful, Learn More...

Totem Apache Staff - SAVE 10%

As low as: $129.52

The ultimate light show Staff and a perfect Contact Staff when fully extended Super Bright. Uses Totem and Apache - our brightest LED tools. Made of 5 seperate LED parts, each one can be Learn More...

LED club

From: $40.76

To: $137.87

Multi Choices LED Flower Stick

From: $60.14

To: $338.13

Custom designed Lights Staff

From: $34.87

To: $346.04

Multi Choices mini staff

From: $57.10

To: $337.90

Multi Choices LED meteor

From: $55.93

To: $308.65

Multi Choices Rope Dart

From: $52.42

To: $267.57

Jupiter - Smart LED ball

Our bright, brilliant LED juggling ball is a light show all by itself, and it throws its coloured beams through anything you connect it to, from tubes to optic fibres. Programmable, with a Learn More...

Multi Choices LED poi

From: $54.31

To: $368.67

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