This revolutionary juggling system is every juggler dream.
Create your own custom LED, training or fire tools. Juggling balls, Poi, Staff, Club, Swing, Nunchaku, all of these tools and many others can be quickly assembled and changed even during the show.

Click'n'Play can be purchased as kits, parts or pre-assembled juggling tools

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CLICK’n’PLAY Jupiter LED ball

Our bright, brilliant LED juggling ball is a light show all by itself, and it throws its coloured beams through anything you connect it to, from tubes to optic fibres. New patterns can be Learn More...

Multy Color Skins Battery Head 65g

This short, soft cylindrical head, approximately 5cm in length, is the go to head for training, as it’s easy to handle and gentle on hands. Perfect for using as a weight for a Learn More...

Fire Head 70mm

To blow an audience away, nothing beats our cylindrical Fire! Head which allows you to mix fire and light using the Click'n'Play system and one of our LED heads – sure to delight all ages, and Learn More...

Flower Head - Multiple colors & weights

Used as a poi weight, Staff weight, Flower stick and so on. Flower heads can be connected on both ends, thus create a multiple head poi, add weight to a Staff or any other idea you have in mind... Learn More...

Ultra tube

For the ultimate light show, use an Ultra-Tube to transmit the glow right through your Click’n’Play creations, and add our colourful silicon grips to finish the look. Each tube comes with twin Learn More...

mini staff stick

Only 14mm thick, easy to manipulate. Strong fiberglass core topped with a thick silicone grip. Learn More...

Aluminum Tube (not including Aluminum Connectors)

Great for creating Staff, Club, Nunchucku and more. Each tube comes with 2 connector parts: * A screwing connector - for ball, flower heads, etc. * A click connector - to connect another Learn More...

Flower stick body set 12mm - bouncy

Our flower sticks are second to none, with a strong fibreglass core to resist impact and drops and a thick silicone grip that makes them easy to handle. The set comes complete with 2 control sticks Learn More...

Flower stick body set 14mm

Strong fiberglass core. Thick silicone grip. Comes with 2 control stick and a case Learn More...

Nnunchuck Adapter - Adjustable Length

Click into the tubes and instantly from a Nunchacku. Connect to 1 tube only and use it a s swing handle Learn More...

Poi To Head Cords Set - Loop Handle & Knob Handle. Adjustable Length

A set of 2 poi strings with adjustable length Learn More...

meteor rope

Rope length can be easily shortened if needed. Learn More...

Poi To Tube Cords Set - Loop Handle & Knob Handle. Adjustable Length

The Speevers SWING APACHE professional light show swing is the ultimate partner for professional jugglers. It contains swing poi which are allow you to create your dream light Learn More...

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