The world's most versatile modular juggling system:

  • Customisable components.
  • Performance & practise.
  • Built to last a lifetime.
  • Changes in seconds.
  • Designed for experts.
  • Easy for beginners.

The ultimate juggling kit

Click’n’Play is the modular juggling system that lets you customise your kit. From simple, ready to play tools to show stopping combinations, it’s a revolution.

Click’n’Play is a complete range of juggling accessories, including LED lights, fire tools, juggling balls, pois, staffs, clubs, swings, nunchaku and more - all interchangeable and connectible in seconds.

Click’n’Play is all about colour, light, fire and amazing special effects. Our powerful LED light systems can be programmed with amazing light shows, complemented by a wide range of skins which interact with the lights.

Connect them in any way you like

Introducing the revolutionary Click'n'Play system, the adaptable modular range of juggling equipment that lets you create your own perfect kit. Choose your items, click them together...and play. With five core types of components, you can create unlimited configurations. Mix and match heads, bodies, cords, chains, lights, fire and more.

Infinite possibilities.
We set out to create the ultimate line of accessories for every juggler.

Click’n’Play is for every juggler, from professionals looking for an edge, to beginners looking for a system that can grow alongside their skills. So whether you need to wow and audience or keep practising, choose the only truly expandable performance kit.

  • Unleash your creativity and design your own unique juggling kit.
  • Turbocharge your performances and steal the limelight.
  • Develop your skills with a growing collection of accessories.

How does it work?

Simply click or screw each element into place to instantly change and reconfigure your kit. Whether you need to change during a show, or simply want to enjoy letting your imagination run riot, Click’n’Play will keep you and your audience hooked.

Click'n'Play can be purchased as kits, parts or as ready to use juggling tools.


Choose your components and enjoy putting together your own unique kit. Change it up, experiment and make it yours. The world’s most complete juggling system.

Eye catching heads with everything from light to fire to wow your audience.
The complete range of classic and cutting edge body parts like staffs and tubes.
Cords and chains
Give a whole dimension of extra movement and flow - from old favorites like Pois to extension chains and Meteors.
Click or screw parts together in a snap, even mid-performance.
Add more style, and functionality to take it up to the next level.
A whole
Complete all-in-one kits, with carefully selected components that match perfectly. It’s a great way to start, and superb value for money. Every kit comes with an exclusive free carry bag.
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to use
Ready to use right away, our collection of tools are carefully designed to make juggling comfortable, safe and even more fun. Fully compatible with the Click’n’Play system.
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